Middle Boy called today to tell me that he needs to know when Attorney is coming. 

He said he has a plan for Monday night if he isn't there on Monday.  I asked about the plan and he said he plans to try to kill himself.  In his mind that will land him at a psychiatric hospital and then he will be able to come home from there.  He was briefly in the psychiatric hospital a long time ago and he believes it will be better.

As his mom this breaks my heart.  I think I convinced him that this plan is not the best choice and that we need to have hope and just keep doing what is right.  Honestly, though I don't know.  I really don't. 

Prayer for Middle Boy.  He is so frustrated and sad and seems to have lost all hope.  We prayed together on the phone will again later tonight.

Pray he can find a sense of peace and hope.
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