Younger Boy had his middle school and sports physical today.  He has grown four inches since he moved in with me. 

Our appointment was in the middle of the afternoon.  Doctor K and I witnessed what they probably get every afternoon at school.  At one point Doctor K actually said "We have to be able to do better than this."  Younger Boy was everywhere.  He just kept saying random words at random times.  He wandered all over the exam room.  Opened every drawer.

We are going to make changes to the ADHD meds.

He also needed to get three vaccinations.

He had an allergic reaction to one of them.  We were still in the room and he was putting on his shoes and complaining about his arm hurting.  I asked to look at it and there was a HUGE red rash all around the spot where the shot was administered.

The nurse came in and looked at it and we ended up staying at the doctors office for an hour to see if anything else happened.  The only other thing that occurred was a huge blister in the spot where the shot went in.

Make me wonder if this happened the first time he got the shots since these were boosters.  I guess I'll never know.  Wasn't really prepared for that though.

At one point Younger Boy asked the nurse if he was going to die. 

Praises for a good medical team.
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