Middle Boy is having LOTS of big feelings right now.  They are coming out in LOTS of different ways.

Last night he posted this on Facebook

If I died right now who would really care?

He got the following responses from my friends for which I am SO THANKFUL....

JO - I would, I hate being so busy.  We haven't had you and your family over to play.

PH - I would miss seeing your smiling face every week.

AK - I would miss you, because I think you are wonderful, but I would also miss having someone to teach to flip off the diving board.

RO - I'd pretty much be majorly bummed.  I think you're a pretty cool dude and I look forward to seeing you out and about and in church.  If you need to talk or go fishing or anything else tell your mom to call me.

AZ - I would certainly miss you.  I wouldn't be needed as an arm rest and I would probably forget how short I am.

Thank you...from the bottom of my heart...thank you.

Middle Boy has a tendency to be quite dark in his thoughts any way and he is really struggling with the feelings of guilt about the adoption.

Praise God for the wonderful adults he has placed in the lives of my boys.
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  1. Being able to put words to those dark feelings, and get them out for others to hear, is more than half the battle. Great job, Middle Boy!

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