Today at therapy we discussed Younger Boy's meltdown on Sunday.

When we discussed it with Therapist C it became CRYSTAL CLEAR what the trigger was.

When Younger Boy dropped my laptop I was irritated, but I get that it was an accident.  In his mind though he was sent to a really ugly place where he is bad...very bad.

That is what turned throwing a pen into throwing your lamp.

Therapist C explained the dominoes which had occurred.  She explained to him that every person makes mistakes and that sometimes when you have that guilt you just have to sit with it.  You have to let it pass.  It doesn't license you to meltdown.

She practiced asking him some questions with some "real life" scenarios.  Things like "how did my charger end up in your room?" and "who left this food trash here?"  These are things that cause meltdowns for him, because he EXPECTS perfection in himself.

It was fascinating to watch him even in role play.  He couldn't do it.  Couldn't just say, "I took the charger.  I am sorry I borrowed it without asking.  Here it is."  Even the role play came with excuse after excuse and partial truths.

We have a long way to go.  A very long way.

Pray he can understand that it is ABSOLUTELY acceptable to make mistakes and everyone does.  Pray he begins to understand mercy and grace.
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