Mom J called me this morning to talk about the letter they received from the older sister of Older Boy and Younger Boy.  A few months ago Service Coordinator was court ordered to locate her.  I am not sure if the letter Mom and Dad J received is a result of this order or not.  No one can really figure it out.

It has caused a flurry of activity though.  Mom and Dad J have adopted the younger sister of Older Boy and Younger Boy.  That makes it their decision if she talks to their older sister or not.  Service Coordinator is telling Mom J that all correspondence between Older Boy and their sister needs to go through her.  We aren't really sure why since it is court ordered to have sibling contact.  Older Boy knows about the letter, because he heard his younger sister talking about writing to her older sister.  He cried for two hours.  I haven't said anything to Younger Boy yet.  When Older Boy lived with me he used to talk about their older sister all of the time.  I haven't ever heard Younger Boy mention her.

Here's some of the dilemma...their older sister lives with Younger Boy's biological parents.  He is supposed to have NO contact with them until he is 19 and then it will be by his choice only.  I don't think there is any reason to believe that his biological parents are a threat to us or to any of the kids.  I also don't think there is any reason to think they would pursue getting their children back at this point.  Legally rights were terminated almost four years ago.

We need wisdom and discernment in this situation.  We want to do what is right for these siblings, but keeping in mind their safety and emotional health.

Prayers for wisdom and discernment.
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