Younger Boy did such a GREAT job of doing his homework on Wednesday night.  I was so proud of him.  He really stuck to it and worked hard.

Today he tells me he did the right problems for math...on the WRONG PAGE.  I can't help wonder if this happens on purpose.  She writes the page number down on the board.  Maybe it was an innocent mistake.  I don't know.  It also seems odd that he would go to all of the trouble of actually doing problems when he knew they were the wrong ones.

I am going to talk to Therapist T about it on Saturday.  He has mentioned to me more than once that kids like Younger Boy try really hard to prove that they aren't worth it.

Tonight he did math homework again.  He called a friend to make sure it was the right page.  We finally finished the France poster.  Since he didn't start until 10 days after it was due it is REALLY late, but it is DONE. 

Tonight he also sat down and started his homework WITHOUT me asking.  That was worth everything to me.

Praises for a bit different attitude.

Prayers for understanding what is going on and trying to help him through it.
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