Middle Boy wanted either a flag, poster, or pennant for his room from the college bookstore.

We went into the store and I looked around.  He followed after me, because he didn't know where the things he wanted were located.

I told him I didn't know either, but he was welcome to walk around and look.  He didn't want to without me. 

It seems like we are having a much younger emotional day today.  Most fifteen year olds would immediately take off while shopping and be thrilled to just meet up with you.  Not Middle Boy...not today.

He finally found a pennant he wanted.  I could tell he still wanted to shop around.  I asked if he had other things he wanted to look at.  He said he didn't because I was done shopping and he didn't want to keep me waiting.  I told him we had plenty of time, but he insisted he was now done.

This weekend is NOT going how I wanted it to.  Middle Boy and I have really been struggling lately and I wanted this to be a good weekend.

Prayers for the remainder of the weekend.
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