Middle Boy's CASA was here this afternoon.  She is such a nice woman.  I find the whole process with the CASA interesting since neither of the other boys have a CASA.  A CASA is a court appointed special advocate who sees a foster child once a month for the duration of the time they are in foster care.  They are each assigned a single case and are to be kept up to speed on what is going on with the kiddos.  From what I understand there are not enough of them in the system for everyone who needs one.

CASA took Middle Boy out of a snack.  When they returned she and I talked a little bit.  She asked me how I thought things were going.  She then confided that she has been Middle Boy's CASA for about three years, but has a difficult time drawing things out of him.  I'm not surprised.  He shared with me last week that he does these things, because he is expected to.  The whole topic came up when we were talking about the foster care review board and he said he had no desire to go and meet people who don't know him, but have been making decisions in his life for years.  I can't really blame him.

Therapist T was here to see Younger Boy.  They met for an entire hour.  At the end of the session Therapist T asked me if anything was going on at home he needed to be addressing.  I asked if Younger Boy had mentioned the changes which will be going on with Older Boy.  He didn't.  We talked some about that at the very end of the session.  I asked Younger Boy later why he didn't mention it to Therapist T.  He said he didn't think he would want to know.  I think these kids have been in therapy for so long they don't even have any idea what it should be used for.

Prayers we can use the services provided to us in the way they are intended.  Right now it seems like maybe we are just going through the motions, because the court has asked us to do these things.
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