While I was at work today I realized someone had taken Older Boy's phone out of my purse during the night.

I asked Older Boy about it when I picked him up at daycare.  He told me he had seen Younger Boy get up during the night and put it in his backpack.  The story made sense and is plausible, because Younger Boy often takes things and hides them or steals them.  When I picked up Younger Boy I asked him about it and he was adamant that he did not take it out of my purse.  We got home and I asked Middle Boy about the phone.  He was puzzled about the whole thing.

We did a "search" throughout the house, because no one had taken it and it was in my purse the evening before.  I told the boys someone in the house had to have done something with it since no one else had been there and we would have to look until we found it.  After about 15 minutes of looking I called the boys into the living room and said that I knew someone had taken it, but since we hadn't found it I would have to call the police.  I gave them one last chance and said I was going to go rest in my room for 15 minutes and said when I came out I hoped the phone would be on the kitchen table.

After about two minutes in my room Older Boy knocked on the door and said he needed to talk to me.  He had taken the phone, but it had been confiscated at school by the security guard.  He didn't have it and I need to go pick it up.

I explained that a lot of things went wrong in his decision making.  First, he had lost phone privileges.  Second, he had stolen something from my purse.  Third, he had lied about his brother taking it.  I had him go apologize to his brother.  He was irate when I made him say more than "I'm sorry". 

As a result of his behaviors he had to stay in his room all evening.  He cried and cried about me not being fair or listening to him and how he needed a second chance. 

Prayers for understanding consequences and making good decisions.
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