When we arrived home I told the boys they were not going to keep their candy in their rooms, but that it needed to stay in the kitchen.

By that time Younger Boy had his in their bedroom.  I went in and asked him to please take it to the kitchen and then head for bed.  Instead he decided to throw his entire bag of candy from his top bunk bed across the room.  I had him get down and pick it all up, put it back in the bag, and take it to the kitchen.  He did pick it up and took it to the kitchen where he proceeded to throw the bag full of candy against the wall. 

I sent him to bed.  Tomorrow night he will be picking it all up so that I can take it in to work with me.

I think the reality of Older Boy being gone is starting to set in.  In the past this would have been something Younger Boy would have done, but would have blamed on Older Boy making him mad.  Younger Boy does not like to follow directions or be accountable for his actions.  Both things need to change.

Prayers Younger Boy would choose to control his anger and not blame others for his actions.
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