This morning I had an amazing discussion with Foster Care Specialist.  If I am going to be in "the system" I absolutely do not want to be there with anyone else as my advocate.

She is so sympathetic to the situation.  She knows how I feel without me telling her.

She reminded me of the realities in our situation.  She reminded me that in May we told Service Coodinator Older Boy needed help...more help than we could give.  We started telling her then that this is a priority.  At his escalation rate at that time he wasn't going to be able to maintain in a standard foster home.  We reminded her over and over.  It became urgent in August and we kept pushing.   Now it is an emergency.

She sent the following message to Service Coordinator today:

Any word on Older Boy?  It's hard for Foster Mom to know what to do at this point.  Does she pack his stuff?  Does she talk to him about moving even though we don't know where he's going?  Will he move on Monday if we don't find another placement?  I'm worried that Monday will end in an emergency situation and that is no good for anyone.

Have you check with insurance to let them know he needs placement immediately?  Sometimes that makes them spped up the placement process.

Any word from DD?  I sure wish this could have worked out for him sooner.  Things continue to escalate at home, school, and daycare.  He's really not having success anywhere.

Let me know if you have any information.

We haven't gotten a response yet, but I am thankful Foster Care Specialist cares as much about Older Boy as I do.

Praises for a good advocate, partner, and friend in Foster Care Specialist.
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