After much prayerful consideration I have agreed to keep Older Boy in my home one additional week.  There is still one possible placement and I said I need to know by the end of the day today so we can move forward with our lives.

My agency got an email from Older Boy’s agency telling us there was nowhere for him to go on Monday.  It is far more complicated and there is far more to it than that, but that is the basic story.  We did ask what difference a week was going to make and what the plan was for finding him something over the course of the next week.  We also said we will not extend beyond the end of the month.  They did include that he would not be going to an emergency shelter, because they hadn't tried to get director's approval for that.  The ugly part of me wanted to scream two is that my problem and why would I help you when for the last FIVE months I have been basically begging you for help and I didn't get any?

Agency asked us to please just help them out in this matter.  I have so many things I want to say about it, but I am going to do what is right for Older Boy.  Older Boy needs to be in a home if they aren't going to put him in the level of care he needs.  If being in my home for one more week gets him a proper placement I am all for it.  I love him…I just can’t have him living with me.  If Older Boy still ends up in a shelter after an additional week I pray I will be at peace with it.

Continue praying for all of us...especially Older Boy.
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