Seventeen minus zero plus two days of suspension is greater than seventeen.

Older Boy just called me to tell me he no longer had an academic detention in language arts.  Alledgedly his teacher told him he was completely caught up and there wasn't a reason for him to stay.

I emailed the teacher to "double check" what I already knew.  I am starting to wonder if she thinks I am an idiot.  Obviously I know there is no way this is true.

She must have talked to him, because he called me back and said now he had to stay, because she changed her mind.  I told him I talked to her and we could discuss why he didn't tell me the truth tonight when he gets home.

As I write this she is having him escorted by security to her classroom to do his academic detention.  She said she was going to have a security guard stay outside her door until the detention was over.

Why?  Is he really craving negative attention this much?

Prayers for our discussion later.  In the past every time he has been "caught" in a lie it has resulted in a call to 911.  Pray for safety.
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