We went trick or treating in Mentor R's neighborhood.  He took the boys with their neighbor and his boys while I stayed with J and handed out candy.

It was a nice evening.  The boys had a good time trick or treating and got a ton of candy.

Before we left Mentor R's house they had the official Halloween candy swap in their family room.  It was Younger Boy, Middle Boy, Mentor R's two girls and one of their friends.  There was a lot of negotiating for the "best" candy and a lot of candy left in the middle which was "up for grabs".  One of Mentor R's girls ended up with almost all peanut butter cups.  Younger Boy doesn't really know how to negotiate.  He was offering up five or six pieces of candy for things like a candy eyeball.  Middle Boy "felt sorry for" the friend and gave her all of his Starburst which apparently are her favorite.  Up until that she wasn't really part of the free for all of trading.

Most of the evening Younger Boy was sending text messages to me, Mentor R, and Mom J.  He was ending all of them with "I'm awesome".  Mentor R and I questioned it.  Apparently he had sent a message to Mom J that said "Don't make fun of me, I am awesome."  He sent it over and over.  She actually called concerned about it.

Praises for a great evening of hanging out with friends who feel like family.
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