Younger Boy hates me.  It's official.

Today when he got home I asked about the book report.  He had assured me it would be done when I picked him up from daycare.  I was "shocked" to find out it wasn't.  He told me he had "worked on it at school and forgot to bring it home".  I apologized for the fact that he went to all of that work, but that he would have to start over and finish it up tonight at home.

I am awful!!  How could I be so completely unreasonable?

He decided he MUST do his math homework first.  Since he was doing any sort of homework I decided that was fine. 

He started writing his book report.  I asked how long it needed to be.  He said short.  I asked to see the assignment about book reports.  The assignment sheet had 10 different types of book reports on it, but none were a standard book report.  They will be doing 10 reports over the course of the year and they have to do each type once.  What he was doing wasn't even on the sheet.  When I tried to explain this to him he ripped up the assignment sheet and stormed into his room.

I took the other two boys to youth group and we came back home to work on the assignment.  By that time he had calmed down.  Admittedly I called Mentor R to talk to him, because I was exhausted from the disrespectfulness.

The report is finished.  It is EXACTLY 10 days late.  The actual report took 30 minutes.  The arguing, crying, scheming, and everything else associated took about 4 hours.

Prayers for understanding the importance of education and following directions.
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