This afternoon I got two messages while I was in a meeting.

The first message went like this "This is Older Boy.  I am trying out for the basketball team."  That was it.  No other details.  Am I supposed to call daycare and say he isn't coming?  Is there a late bus?

I call the school to find out when the tryouts are.  Today.

The second message was this "I need to get a physical over the weekend."  Nothing else.  Chances are this will not be happening.  We have plans tonight and he is going to respite on Saturday and Sunday.  It will not happen this weekend.

This is the kind of stuff that makes me crazy.  So impulsive with complete lack of thoughts about others.

I have no idea if he will make the team.  Part of me feels bad, because he might not even be attending this school in a week.  We have no idea where he is going or when.  We still can't tell him, because at this point there is no reason to.

Pray for patience for me.  Pray he has a good tryout.
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