I am frustrated today....very frustrated.

Middle school was a halfday today so Middle Boy is home with Babysitter M.

He texts me multiple times over the course of the afternoon to let me know what he is up to most days.

Today he texted me to tell me that they just finished watching Halloween on pay-per-view.  Really?  Did it occur to anyone that I don't want to have my 14 year old with a history of violence watching an R rated violent movie?  Who is going to pay the money it cost to buy it?  Tomorrow I will have to call to cancel the ability to get pay-per-view movies.  I texted her and said I didn't want Middle Boy watching R rated movies under ANY circumstances.

About an hour later I got a text from Older Boy that she had taken him to a family farm and taught him to drive.  What?  I am so mad I don't even know what to say.

I came home to find that Middle Boy had cut holes in the milk carton and various other things in the kitchen when he was bored.  I asked why he was bored and he said Babysitter M was sleeping and he didn't have anything to do.

I don't have anyone else to pick him up after school.  I don't want Babysitter M staying with him anymore.  I can't worry about what kind of choices she is going to be making every day.  She is a licensed nanny.  I am going to write a letter of complaint.  My first instinct is to fire her and figure it out later.

Prayers for the safety of Middle Boy today.

Prayers I can find another caregiver for after school for Middle Boy.
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