Middle Boy and I talk...a lot...about life.  We talk about what is going on with him and what he wants his life to be and the things he has questions about.

Our talks often turn to character and morals.  He likes to ask "what if this happens" questions.  He has also mentioned A LOT lately that he would like to have a child of his own.  We have talked at length about this.  Almost every night for the last couple of weeks.  We have talked about why it isn't a good idea.  Tonight we finally talked about why he wanted one.  It was something he wasn't willing to talk about before.  He finally said "so I can prove to myself that I am not my parents".  Wow.  I assured him he is NOT his parents and how if he needs to prove that to himself he has his whole life to do it.  We talked about how his life has really stunk in a whole lot of ways.

He wanted to talk about some things he has never wanted to talk about before.  I cried as he talked.  I couldn't quit.  I thanked him for trusting me enough to tell me how he feels about the things in his past.  Things that he had buried and Therapist A told me would likely never come back out.

We prayed for healing.  We thanked God for trust and our relationship.  We thanked God for our willingness to talk to each other and not judge.

Prayers Middle Boy would continue to see the truth and how smart and caring he is.
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