We haven't had a full family team meeting at home for quite some time.  This afternoon we had one.  The first half was for the case of Older Boy and Younger Boy and the second half was for the case of Middle Boy.

The first part of the meeting was interesting.  Younger Boy did a pretty good job of focusing on the meeting and bringing up things he wanted to talk about.  We talked about school and how he is having trouble with his responsibilities in terms of getting the right supplies to class and that sort of thing.  He is doing a lot better at turning in his homework.  He also talked about how he asked Jesus into his heart.  He is really excited about that.  He wanted to make sure it got in the meeting notes.

The entire time Older Boy was either pretending to sleep, yelling random things, or sitting next to Foster Care Specialist just rocking back and forth.  The rocking is a self-soothing technique he uses a lot.  A couple of times he even mentioned that he was "zoned out".  We asked him about school.  It isn't good.  We asked how things were going at daycare...again not good.

We asked Younger Boy if there was anything he didn't like about his home right now.  He said he doesn't like the bickering, yelling, fighting, and swearing he and Older Boy do.  We asked him if there were times when they actually play together and get along and he said no.  I would say this is accurate.  They can for about ten minutes and then it turns into screaming, punching, and general ugliness.

Mentor R asked about the status of Older Boy's move.  We had all of the boys go outside.  That is when things got kind of ugly in the meeting.  We talked about how the right home for Older Boy is a DD placement.  Foster Care Specialist and I said again and again how disappointed we were that the paperwork wasn't done in a timely manner.  Service Coordinator didn't say much other than she was waiting on paperwork from others.  We explained that we started the paperwork in May and she didn't request any of the records she was referring to until late July.  We talked about how disappointed I was that I didn't get the help that was discussed in court over a month ago.  She didn't say a word.  We talked about how I am doing them a favor this week by keeping him when I didn't have to and that I was told I would have additional help this week yet have gotten none.  Again....she said nothing.  She told me she didn't think I needed to go to court this week.  No...she doesn't want me in court this week, because she knows that I will talk about how disappointed I am and how we could have avoided all of this if Agency would have kept up their end of the deal.

Middle Boy's meeting was altogether different.  We don't need anything on his case.  It was pretty uneventful.  Service Coordinator is just filling in for his service coordinator while she is on maternity leave.  She doesn't really know anything about the case.

We talked about adoption and my intent to adopt Younger Boy and Middle Boy.  I am going to mention it in court Wednesday. 

Prayers for the relationship with Service Coordinator to be repaired.  It is pretty strained right now.

Praises for a great advocate in Foster Care Specialist.
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