Middle Boy and I went to the football game today.

It was a good day for football, but it wasn't a good game. 

We spent six hours together in the car.  We had a lot of time to talk.  That was nice.  We talked about a lot of things.

One thing I have noticed about Middle Boy is that he is very singular focused.  If there is something on his mind he wants it has to be NOW.  Everything is borderline urgent.  He is also a planner.  That kind of surprises me considering how out of control his life has been up to this point.  He wants to talk about two things...ALL THE TIME.  One is what kind of career he should have and one is what kind of car he should get for his first car.  He is only 14.  He doesn't need a car yet.  We talked about how having a car is a privilege not a right.  I honestly haven't thought through any of that.  Most parents have sixteen years to think it through.  I have a couple of years to figure out what my position on it is going to be.

Middle Boy is also DYING to have a job right now.  When I asked all of the details about it like how he would get there, etc. he hadn't thought about any of it.  I told him he could work at our house.  We are going to work through the details of it this week.

Praises for a great day together...not a good football game, but a great day.
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