For the last hour Older Boy has been screaming at me.  Screaming about how it is obviously my choice he is leaving and how I have just wanted him out of here the entire time.

He stood about two feet from me pointing his finger in my face screaming.  All I kept saying is that he needed to sit on the couch and calm down.

That brought a new round of screaming and belittling me.  He isn't screaming.  He isn't being disrespectful.  He isn't doing anything wrong.  I am not listening.  I hate him.  I just want him out of here.  I'm not listening.  I hate him.  Over and over....for over an hour.

At one point he picked up the remote control and threw it across the room.

I explained that he lost privileges for this evening.  That started a new litany of screaming how I hate him.

I explained he made the choice to not have privileges with his behavior.  Another round of screaming about how all I am trying to do is purposely make him made and get him out of here.  I'm not listening.  I hate him.

I can't even explain how emotionally exhausting it is to do this every day....every day.

Prayers for peace.  Prayers for getting through one minute at a time.
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