Middle Boy spent all night throwing up.  I am staying home with him today.  I realized during the middle of the night that I am not good when other people are vomiting.  I suspected it I know with 100% certainty.

About an hour ago I got a call from Older Boy's school.  He is suspended for two days for punching another boy in the PE locker room.  Apparently he threw the first three punches.  He is not happy with me now, because I told him he is going to have to stay in his room until the time school would normally get out and that I would bring him lunch.  He is complaining that there is nothing to do in his room.  I explained to him that it isn't my problem.  I wasn't the one who got suspended.

I called Older Boy's daycare to see if he could go there tomorrow.  They are going to check their numbers and get back to me.  I can't miss another day of work.  I'm not sure what I am going to do.

Unfortunately this is my last straw with Older Boy.  I can't do this.  I don't feel like I am getting much help from the state with the exception of Foster Care Specialist and her hands are pretty much tied if his agency won't get us the help he needs.  Last week I felt bad about giving two week notice...this week I don't. 

Prayers for what will happen to Older Boy and what kind of placement they will find for him.

Prayers for Middle Boy feeling better.
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