Grandma and Grandpa are here for the weekend.  Older Boy's daycare is having an outing to the pumpkin patch so I bought tickets for all of us.

Middle Boy and Younger Boy slept all the way to the pumpkin patch.  They have both had a long week.  Older Boy was looking up verses in his Bible.

We got to the pumpkin patch, got parked and went in.  The maps there are quite difficult to follow and we needed to be at a specific place for dinner.  Immediately the three different personalities of the boys came out.  Middle Boy takes charge.  Older Boy just wants things to be his way and doesn't want to listen to what anyone else has to say and Younger Boy is easily distracted. 

We made it to the location of the bonfire for Older Boy's daycare after going the EXACT OPPOSITE direction.  It was typical bonfire dogs, chips, and smores.  The hotdogs were partially frozen so even though they got charred on the outside they were still pretty cold.  Kind of disgusting.

Afterward we walked around for a while and ran into some people who I went to foster parent classes with.  The boys hung out with their toddlers and took them on the train and the four-person tricycles. 

We went to the haunted houses and the corn maze.  We read the rules of the corn maze.  Younger Boy read the rules and immediately broke one of them.  He was FURIOUS when he couldn't do the rest of the corn maze, but had to stay back with Grandpa who wasn't planning to do it anyway.  Older Boy, Grandma, and I did the "school group maze" and Middle Boy did the full maze.

Afterward we got carmel apples and went home.

It was all in all a nice night.  Some behavior issues, but nothing like usual.

Praises for a nice night with family on a fun a outing.
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