We finalized the details of the move this morning.  I am going to take the afternoon off of work tomorrow and be home to help load up Older Boy's stuff for Mom and Dad J.  Older Boy will be at daycare and Younger Boy will be at school.  Middle Boy will be home, because there is no middle school due to parent teacher conferences.

We decided we aren't going to make a big production out of the good-byes.  Mom and Dad J are going to pick up Older Boy at daycare tomorrow.  I will drop him off in the morning, so there really won't be a formal good-bye.  It isn't like there won't be any contact.  There will be regular contact.

We need to pack everything up tonight while the boys have therapy.  Older Boy was mostly packed over the weekend, but not anymore, because he got mad last night and unpacked everything.

Prayers for a smooth transition.
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