Younger Boy was mad he had consequences for his behavior at Walmart.  He decided to go into his room and remove the ladder from the bunk bed and throw it across the room.  After that he emptied all of his dresser drawers onto the floor and stood in his room and screamed about how much he hated me.
Older Boy was also in their room because of behavior and Younger Boy threw a ball at his head and threatened to “just kill him”.  Older Boy came downstairs to “just let me know”.  I asked them to both come downstairs and tell me what happened.  Younger Boy was still screaming about how no one listens.  I asked him to remain on the couch downstairs.  When I went upstairs he threw a music stand across the room.
I was FURIOUS.  I went back downstairs and send him to his room to clean up. 
After about an hour he asked Middle Boy to find out if I would talk to him.  I agreed and he came out of his room.  He wanted to apologize standing behind me.  I told him that I needed to see his face or it wasn’t really an apology.  I asked what caused the behaviors.  He claimed he had “no idea”.  I explained while the behavior was really unacceptable it was even more unacceptable if there wasn’t any reason for it.  This brought out the crocodile tears.  He said that he is worried about Older Boy and his behaviors.  I pointed out that his behaviors that day weren’t really all that different than Older Boy’s behaviors.
He cleaned up the mess he made in the rest of the house and worked on homework for the rest of the evening.
Prayers for understanding appropriate was to deal with frustration and anger.
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