For the first time since he lived with me Younger Boy actually talked about something important at therapy.  His behaviors have really not been good at all.  I met with Therapist T before the start of the session and then Younger Boy wanted me to sit in the other room and listen in case he forgot anything.

They talked about Older Boy moving and how the behaviors Younger Boy was having weren't going to help Older Boy with his situation.  They made a plan for keeping in touch with Older Boy.  They made a plan for what to do when you start to get sad about Older Boy leaving before it turns to anger and bad behavior.  They talked about how it isn't the plan for him to leave, but that he is still worried about it.  They talked about how you need to talk things through and not act out.  They talked about how you have to have the motivation to want to make these changes.

Therapist T asked Younger Boy how his movitation level has been to want to make changes and he honestly answered it was a one.  Therapist T then explained that he was choosing to be on a path that probably isn't going to end up in a very good place.  He seemed to get it.

Younger Boy cried through almost all of therapy.

Praises for Therapist T finally getting Younger Boy to open up to him.  Prayers that it will continue and we can work on the healing.
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