This morning we went to the store in preparation for tailgating.  We ended up with A LOT of junk, because I didn’t write down what we needed.
We picked up our friends who were attending the game with us.  They are fans of the other team, but no one was obnoxious.   Well…not for that reason. 
The drive there was pretty uneventful.
When we got to the stadium we did a little tailgating.  This is when behaviors started.  It was starting to sprinkle just a little bit.  Younger Boy decided this was the time he wanted to race back and forth across the field from where we were eating.  I gave the go ahead for one time….not the four times he went.  The boys were racing and this caused a temper tantrum in Younger Boy, because he determined that everyone was cheating just so he couldn’t win.
He got mad and took his rain poncho out of the package.  Why?  No idea.  When he wanted to take the one still in the package into the game and I told him he already had his he got VERY ANGRY.  He stomped toward the stadium swearing at me under his breath.  When I called him on it he clenched his fists and jaw and just stood there defiantly.  I explained the disrespectfulness had to stop and that I wouldn’t be bringing him to anymore games this year.
I had a break while we were in the stadium.  I sat with my friend while her husband sat with the three boys…what a trooper!!  When I asked after the game how it went I believe his comment was “no one is a good listener”.
The ride home resulted in a lot of pouting from the boys, because someone was holding them accountable for their actions.
Ironically it was a good day.  It was nice to spend time with my friend while doing something I really enjoy.
Praises for good friends!!
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