Today was peaceful.

I picked up Older Boy at daycare.  He didn't have a great day.  He mostly had trouble following directions, but he wasn't out of control when I picked him up either.

I picked up Younger Boy at daycare.  He was in a pretty good mood.  He got two slashes, one for homework and the other for not following directions.  We had talked this morning about how a slash would result in him not going to youth group.  It seems he was convinced if he got a slash EVERYONE would stay home.  Nope...not the case.  Everyone will go, including Younger Boy, but he will have to stay with me the entire evening.

We got home and Middle Boy and Babysitter M were organizing all of the boys dresser drawers.  Since Middle Boy has moved in everyone has just been putting their clothes "wherever" in the room and it was kind of a mess.  He took it upon himself to label every drawer and sort through all of them.  Babysitter M helped him with the re-folding and organization.  He explained the whole thing to Older Boy and Middle Boy.  He also devised a system where they would put their outfits for the week and STOP wearing the same clothes every day.  When I tried to do that it met with a lot of resistance.  When he did it they complied.

We went out to dinner.  It was good.  The boys were a little obnoxious, but they are all three teens.

Youth group was good.  Younger Boy didn't complain or throw a fit about having to stay with me and did everything I asked him to on the first request.  Older Boy and Middle Boy had a good time at youth group.

We came home and everyone went to bed.

This is the first relatively peaceful day we have had in a LONG time.

Praises for peace and rest.
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