We had dinner out after buying our costumes.  We had a lot of trouble figuring out where to go.  Because we were having such a tough time we ended up at the same place we went with our friends from church on Sunday.

Right after we walked in the door I heard a booming, familiar voice following us in.  It was Uncle R from camp.  He and his friend sat with us.  It was such an absolute blessing.  He talked to the boys and kept them entertained.  They were all excited to see him and while he told them a lot of jokes there is always a message from him.  This one was about anger and realizing later in life that things were really good and how sometimes you realize when it is way too late.  He also talked to them about the importance of following directions on the first request.  He talked about the way he parented his own children.

The boys LOVE him.  Older Boy wanted to go home with him and the other two want to go fishing with him.  He has such a heart for all of these kids.

When we got home he called me and wanted to talk about the boys and how they are doing.  I explained the situation with Older Boy and how we just need to pray that he gets the help he needs.

Praises for a nice dinner with a good friend.
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