Thank you so much for all of your prayers.

This morning I received such a blessing.  Older Boy will be going back to the home of Mom and Dad J where he lived a couple of years ago.    They are the adoptive parents of his sister and the guardians of his brother.  They are a trained DD home as well as a foster home and are equipped to help him.  This is such a HUGE blessing to me.  I have been so worried about what would happen to him and who would advocate for him.  Mom and Dad J will do that.  We have already been in contact nearly every day and have been a support system for each other for the past eight months.  This is such a comfort and blessing to me.

Ever since I discussed putting in my notice with them Mom and Dad J have been praying about how they could make it work to have him in their home again.  When they got the call yesterday about possibly taking him again they decided to trust God to provide.

The boys do not know about the placement yet as it was just finalized this morning.  I am unsure when we will tell them.

Please continue to pray for us in this transition and pray for Mom and Dad J as they take Older Boy back into their home.
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