Today we had court.  It was interesting to say the least.

Judge reviewed Older Boy's case file and the first thing he said was "Foster Parent how have things been going since we were last here?"

I explained that Older Boy had continued to regress in most areas of his life with the most recent being school.  I explained the two day suspension and how I had regretfully had to give notice on Older Boy.  He asked how the placement preservation services had worked out.  I explained that I never received them prior to putting in notice.  Judge asked Service Coordinator why and she said because it took a long time to get written notice of the court order for them services.  He gave the dates of the order and then told the Department Representative that he was less than pleased that I didn't get the services.  He thanked me for the my dedication to Older Boy and asked if the outcome would have been different had I gotten the services requested.  I said that yes I would have kept Older Boy until the proper group home setting was found had I gotten worthwhile help in my home.

The entire time before court Service Coordinator was trying to be my "best friend".  It was truly sickening to me.  She kept saying "we're okay, right?".  I will be professional.  It doesn't mean I have to approve of or like the services she is providing to me.

Dad J was at court and he talked about the help Older Boy needs and the services they need to have in place prior to his relocation.  The judge said they need to be in place by Friday.  Please.  There is no way that is going to happen.  The placement isn't contingent on the services, but they will be LUCKY to have them a month from now.

Prayers Mom and Dad J get the services they need. 

Praises for Judge who truly keeps the good of the kids first and foremost in his courtroom.
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