The official court paperwork didn't saying anything about the boys being able to be separated.  When I put in my two week notice for Older Boy I knew it might be at the risk of losing Younger Boy as well.  We worded my notice to say that if the agency could separate the boys that I intended to keep Younger Boy in my home.

Foster Care Specialist told me we would just have to wait.  She could see Service Coordinator going either way, because we have irritated her lately.  She could take Younger Boy just because or she could let him stay, because it is difficult to place a sibling strip of two teen boys. 

Service Coordinator was in meetings all day.  I literally was feeling sick all day about the possibility of him leaving.  It isn't that I am not sick about the possibility of Older Boy leaving...I am, but this is different.  I prayed most of the day and sent out a TON of prayer requests.

Toward the end of the day we found out Younger Boy is in fact staying and that things can proceed as "normal" with him.

Praises for placing the good of the child first and for the amazing amount of prayer support we received throughout the day.
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