Over the last few days I have received a lot of positive feedback on my abilities as a foster parent.  It makes me uncomfortable.  While I understand cognitively that I didn't fail Older Boy it still feels like it.

I have been told that if Older Boy couldn't maintain and thrive in my home there probably wasn't a standard foster family home he could maintain in.

I have been told that the school and daycare have rarely had a foster parent fight for their child the way I have fought for the rights and care of Older Boy.  School even told me that I care and am more involved than 90% of biological parents.

This is what God called me to do.  He asked me to care for orphans.  I am doing it to the best of the abilities He has entrusted me with.  All glory for what I have done should go to God.  Without Him there is NO WAY that I could have maintained this for as long as I have.
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