I know now the the evening help in our home will begin on Monday.  We don't have official authorization.

Here is the part where ignorance is bliss.  I was told it was because the official court order was not issued until this week.  That is NOT true.  It was issued on September 15th.

Service Coordinator is now completely covering herself on everything she does, because she is aware I am now checking up on her.  She is copying her boss on everything and asking Foster Care Specialist and I to just let her do her job.

I have a feeling our next family team meeting is not going to be pretty.  I am trying to be sympathetic to her workload.  I understand it is a lot.  I get that.  I get feeling overwhelmed.  I just want to actually see that she is doing SOMETHING.

Prayers for patience for me.  I am very frustrated with her right now.  I wish I didn't know when the court order was issued.  Ignorance was bliss.
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