This morning we went to church.  Older Boy sat with A and his family the same as he does each week.  Younger Boy sat with Mentor R and his family.  Middle Boy sat with me.  Middle Boy wasn't feeling well so he dozed off during part of the service.

Older Boy and Younger Boy went to youth group.  Middle Boy slept in the car during youth group.

After church Older Boy went with Mentor J to have lunch and go to the park to play catch.  When they got back Mentor J said that Older Boy is amazing at frisbee.  He even commented that during the time they were playing frisbee he forgot he was playing with a kid, because Older Boy was so good.

Middle Boy and Younger Boy came home with me and we had lunch.  They played with legos for the majority of the afternoon.

We had dinner and then it was time for homework.  Homework is still my nemesis.  Younger Boy claimed to not have any homework this weekend.  We will see the evidence of the truth to his story at the end of the day tomorrow.  Middle Boy had math...which he HATES.  He didn't get a fair shake in math with all of his moves so he never really completed any learning.  He is smart.  I am working on math with him every night.  He lacks confidence in math...not ability.  Older Boy is supposed to read for 20 minutes per day.  He claimed to have read on the bus on Friday.  I'll give him credit for that, but I am SURE he did not read on either Saturday or today.  He told me he got up in the middle of the night and read for forty minutes.  When I asked what he read he said the book was in his backpack.  Then when I asked him to get the book he got one out of his dresser drawer.  Obviously I know he didn't read for 40 minutes in the middle of the night.  I pointed out I knew this was not truthful and showed him all of the reasons why I didn't believe it.  He also assured me he is completely caught up in language arts.

Older Boy then immediately started jumping up and down and crying telling me it is all my fault, because I never believe him about anything and I don't listen.  I told him I believed him, but still wanted him to read for 20 minutes.  He FREAKED OUT.  He was crying and jumping up and down similar to a temper tantrum you would see in a four year old.  As a result he lost the privilege of his phone.

He explained over and over how I didn't give him a chance to know that he was going to lose his phone and I didn't give him any chances to follow directions.

Prayers that one day these boys would understand that education and responsibility are important.
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