Therapist A was here tonight.  She said more than one time we need to remind her why she is there.  She said that every week she expects to come in and find Middle Boy and I at odds or at least having trouble communicating about something.  Last night I told her that we do get annoyed with each other sometimes, but what I notice more is how fiercely protective he is of me when the other two boys are being disrespectful. 
I also described how he seems to get really anxious when I am upset with either Younger Boy or Older Boy.  We talked about why.  We talked about whether or not he didn’t know me well enough to know whether I was going to explode and go on a rampage.  He said he knew I wouldn’t do that.  He said what bothers him is that he doesn’t like to see me frustrated by them.
I explained that it isn’t any different than when he frustrates me with the exception that generally Younger Boy and Older Boy don’t care that they have frustrated me.  Middle Boy does…or at least he pretends to.
We talked about school lunch, because Middle Boy hadn’t been eating.  When it came down to it the reason was he didn’t know the process and didn’t want to stand out.  He knows the process now and is eating lunch every day.
We also talked about his new friends at school and church.
At the end of the session we determined we would have our weekly session next Tuesday and after that we would go to every other week for a couple of months and then once a month since therapy is still court ordered until February.
Praises for good communication and Therapist A.   She could have just kept coming to our house every week, but she trusts we will reach out if we need her.
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