I continue to loathe bedtime.  Not because I am no tired and wanting to go to sleep.  Believe me...that isn't it at all.

Younger Boy was supposed to be in the shower at 8:30pm, but he was mad so instead he turned the shower head into the center of the room and ran the water for about 10 minutes...flooding the bathroom.  He then insisted that since it was Older Boy's turn to shower he should be the one to clean it up.  Older Boy and Middle Boy showered in my room while Younger Boy cleaned up the water/argued for the next 40 minutes.

Tonight all three boys swore they would be in bed no later than 9pm.  They were in bed at the following times:  Older Boy - 9:40pm, Middle Boy - 10:05pm, Younger Boy - 11:40pm.

I went to bed at 10pm.  I stayed awake until Younger Boy made it to bed.  He lost a number of privileges, but what I have come to realize is that he has NO REMORSE...ever.  He can cry crocodile tears like no one else I have ever met, yet do the EXACT same thing 15 minutes later.  I have yet to find a punishment that works for Younger Boy.  I would be open to any and all suggestions.  Honestly I believe he craves the negative attention.  CRAVES IT!!

Prayers for bedtime.  Prayers for getting through to Younger Boy.  Prayers for sleep!!
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