Tonight we went shopping for Operation School Bell.  It is a program here in town which provides school clothing for foster kids in the area.

The boys got winter coats and shirts.  Middle Boy also got some jeans since we hadn't been school shopping together yet.  He has decided that his "style" is black and white only.  It is going to be easy to find things that match and to do laundry.  He has also recently decided that his "style" includes a BUNCH of hematite chains and pendants, this RIDICULOUSLY large watch, and one of my cheap rings.  I realized that I really don't care what he wears.  If that is his style...that's his style.

C helped us with the shopping so we took her out to dinner at Cheesecake Factory.  The boys were pretty excited and both of them kept saying it was the fanciest restaurant they had ever been to in their whole lives.  It was cool to see them loving it so much!!  They both had great manners and were respectful throughout dinner.

Younger Boy and Middle Boy were both excited to call Grandma and Grandpa to tell them about shopping and then we went home and just relaxed.  That NEVER happens.

Praises for a great evening!!
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