This morning I made a deal with Younger Boy.  He needed to follow directions all day.  For the past week or so he has just been purposefully defiant.  I told him he would have three chances throughout the day to not do what an adult asked him to and when he hit the third time all privileges were suspended.
The first time he didn’t follow directions was 15 minutes later.  I asked him five times to put on his shoes so we could leave and by the time I got in the car his shoes were still not on.
Time number two was at Mom and Dad J’s house.  Dad J asked him to not go in the laundry room and then next thing we knew he was in their laundry room.  Why?  No idea.
Time three occurred at Walmart.  The directions as we walked in the door were that Older Boy and Younger Boy were to stay with Middle Boy.  He needed to get something for school.  About five minutes later Middle Boy and Older Boy were with me and Younger Boy was nowhere to be found.
Middle Boy asked if they could each go get a bottle of pop for dinner.  I said that was fine.  At our house caffeine is only allowed on Friday and Saturday.  Older Boy brought back a Mountain Dew and said he hadn’t had any caffeine all weekend.  I explained that it was Sunday and he wouldn’t be getting a Mountain Dew.  He threw the bottle down and stormed off.
I decided to go check out and wait for the boys.  Middle Boy went to look for Younger Boy and then they were going to look for Older Boy. 
When we were on the way back to the car I asked Younger Boy if he had followed directions at Walmart.  He said no.  I explained that his was the third offense for the day and he wouldn’t have any privileges for the remainder of the day.
He stomped the rest of the way to the car and then slammed the door as hard as he could.
Prayers for following directions and respectfulness.  I realize the boys should ALWAYS follow directions, but we are SO VERY FAR from that at this point it just seems unrealistic.
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