Today I asked Service Coordinator for the psychiatric report on Older Boy that is going to be presented in court today.

Here is her response:

What are you wanting to know from the psychiatric report?  Perhaps I can answer your questions.  I’m not sure, with confidentiality issues, etc., that I can send you a copy of the report.

This was my response:

I would like to read the report in its entirety.  I already have copies of all of his past psychiatric evaluations that I was given by your office.  How would this be any different?

Here was Foster Care Specialist's response:

I'd assume she wants to know what the psychiatrist is recommedning?  She attends all of the appointments with Older Boy and is privy to all of this health history adn every other psychiatric recommendation.  Is there generally confidentiality held from the primary caregiver?  We do have a release signed for psychiatric records, so it you need that to help cover for HIPAA, I can send that to you.  Would that help?

Obviously I am a little bit less patient these days and Foster Care Specialist is a little bit more politcally correct.  I believe there is something in the report that Service Coordinator does not want me to see. 

Prayers I can maintain patience with her. 

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