Today I got a call from Older Boy's daycare.  He never arrived at the center on the bus from school.

Immediately I panicked since his behavior has really been escalating.

I called the school and they didn't have record of him staying late.  They proceeded to page him four times and got no response. 

They asked me if this is a common thing he does.  Shockingly it is the first time.  At about that time he came sauntering into the office at school.  It seems that he decided when the busses were leaving that he would audition for the school play today after school.  I overheard the lecture he was given by the school office.

He was swearing he told me.  No way.  I would have remembered he was auditioning for a play, because I would have had to work out the details of his rides.  The office asked him when he signed up for auditions.  He said he didn't and just went there today.

The impulsivity makes me CRAZY and today worried.

Pray he would understand he can't just do things on a whim unless he lets an adult know.  I'm sure somehow tonight this will all be my fault.
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