I got a text from Babysitter N asking me to call her as soon as I had a minute.

She told me that Older Boy had texted her multiple times asking inappropriate questions and for inappropriate pictures.  I looked online and realized he must have texted her by accident, because after those texts there were a series of texts back and forth between Older Boy and a number I didn't recognize.

I called the house where Older Boy was staying for respite and had them take his phone.  They called back a little while later and said that yes there were very inappropriate texts on the phone that were initiated by Older Boy.  They tried to talk to him about it, but even though the text had a date and time on them he insisted he didn't send them.  They talked to him about the inappropriateness and left it at that.

When I picked him up I asked him to hand over his phone.  He immediately told me he didn't do anything.

I read all of the texts and to say it is disappointing would be a VAST understatement.  There were about 50 texts back and forth escalating in sexual nature.  The other person put an end to it and then it became a series of violent outbursts.

Older Boy has permanently lost his ability to use cell phones.  He is writing a letter of apology to Babysitter N.  He and I have already talked about how inappropriate what he did was as well as illegal.  I also asked him to discuss it with both of his mentors.

This was the first time he acted in a way that was accountable for his actions.  He didn't protest or scream.  He was very quiet and sat and wrote the apology note.

Prayers for understanding that your actions have consequences.
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