On September 14th in court Judge ordered Older Boy's agency to get me help at home.  Foster Care Specialist and I decided to give the agency the benefit of the doubt and give them two weeks to get it started since things like this just aren't instantaneous.

On Thursday of last week Foster Care Specialist wrote the following email:

We would like to put family support services in place in order to attempt to maintain Older Boy's placement in her home.  We have a staff member here who has experience with children like Older Boy nad feel it would be very beneficial for him to work with Older Boy.

Since the CTA services didn't work out, I hope that this will be a close comparison to those services attempted in the past.  Are you able to authorize FS (I believe the judge called it IFP, but that doesn't quite apply) for the home?
We will also be putting a regular respite schedule in place.  I will let you know what that looks like as soon as I know.

Will you let me know your thoughts?


This morning Foster Care Specialist wrote the following email:

Haven't heard back yet on whether we can help with family support.  I staffed this with my supervisor and we are feeling like this is critical to preserve teh placement at this point.

Will you let me know where your agency stands on this?

Here was the reply:

I, too, agree this is critical.  I am checking with my supervisor regarding teh best way to provide this support and will get back to you when a decision is made.

What?  Are you kiddin gme?  On September 14th Judge told you to get this in place.  Is it optional?  What kind of decision can there possibly be?  This is completely a joke!!

Do they really just expect me to suck it up until something else is done?  I am done sucking it up.  I want soemone to actually do something.

Prayers I see positive motion in this soon.  I don't even know what to do anymore.  I am so tired of the nightly/daily battles it is to get anything done at my house.  All evening Older Boy argues over every single thing I ask of him.  All day I spend fighting for him.  I get that he will never know or understand, but I am done.

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