Therapist J is transitioning to be the therapist for Younger Boy.  Therapist T got a new full-time job and is no longer able to do therapy because of a non-compete clause with his new employer.

Therapist J met with both Younger Boy and Older Boy tonight.  He had his hands full.

Younger Boy admitted he is purposefully making bad choices right now and is choosing to be disrespectful.  Choosing it.  Therapist J asked him how hard he is working to change.  On a scale of one to ten he said a one.  Therapist J said that as a therapist that makes him sad, because it means that he doesn't really want to change and likes how hard his life is when he is constantly getting consequences and in trouble.  They talked about needing the attention of being in trouble.  I think they are going to work well together.  I really do.

Older Boy was up next.  He didn't sit down the entire time during therapy.  Therapist J asked him about the decisions he made that are resulting in him moving today.  He asked if he understands that if he continues to make those same decisions he probably won't be staying in the new place very long either.  Older Boy didn't follow a single direction given to him the entire time during therapy.  Actually the only direction given to him was to sit down for two minutes.  He NEVER did it.

As soon as therapy was wrapping up Older Boy put on his Halloween costume and wanted me to tie the back.  Therapist J was still there.  I didn't tie the back.  I just kept doing what I was doing.  Older Boy just kept asking and getting more and more irritated.  He asked Therapist J to help him and he just kept making notes....not even acknowledging the request.  I asked Older Boy how it feels when people don't follow your directions or listen to your requests.  He said we were both just "rude jerks".  Therapist J explained that it is no different than what he did for their entire session.

Praises for Therapist J.  I think he is amazing.  I think he will make a difference for Younger Boy.  He has his work cut out for him, but Younger Boy has the ability to implement change.  He chooses not to.
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